Do-it-yourself gone wrong

This is an emergency call we did today. The homeowner put in his own exhaust fan and the connections were loose. All is fixed and we have another happy customer.

Fast, cheep juice for a hot ride

Yesterday we wired another 240 volt, 50 amp fast charger for a brand new Chevy volt… A really nice ride 🤙🏼

Rolling back the electric bill

Large commercial solar install on a big box store… Talk about spinning your meter backwards in a big way!! Another happy customer!

Out with the old and in with the new

Retrofitting old florescent lights to new LEDs in a dental office. These LED’s are color corrected natural lights that make the task of working on patients and color matching teeth extremely accurate.

When a plumber tries to be an electrician

This is what happens when someone other than a qualified electrician does electrical work. This was found in a breakfast bar electrical outlet. Instead of proper caps wires were soldered together. The new homeowners had no idea. Outlet is now fixed and up to code.