Think about it. Do you have a plan of action for your home or business when there is a power outage? What would you miss? Could you operate equipment? Could you communicate with the outside world? Could you stay warm on a cold winter day or cool in the heat of the summer? What about refrigeration and lighting?

Each of us are vulnerable to unforeseen circumstances that can interrupt and possibly put us in harm’s way if we don’t have electricity.

Whether it be a powerful storm, a car hitting a pole or something as peculiar as a Mylar balloon getting stuck in electrical lines…these things happen!

And when they do life as we know it…suddenly stops!

Power outages are inevitable. Be Proactive!

Prevention requires a plan of action. Let us HELP you choose the right GE/Briggs and Stratton Generator or U.S.A. Solar Powered System that fits your needs, so you are PREPARED!

We have a Generator on our home! So Should YOU!

Leitner Electric Company

We pride ourselves on being the first electrical contractors in the Tri-State Region to offer alternative energy solutions. Our credentials speak volumes. Perry Leitner, is Certified by the North American Board of Certified Practitioners (NABCEP).

No natural resource is as abundant as our Sun’s energy. Solar energy provides a sustainable, renewable, and clean source of energy. It conserves natural resources by considerably reducing fossil fuel dependence and greenhouse gas emissions. Using solar energy, along with other renewable sources is a sustainable solution to meeting the long-term energy requirements of a global society.

Let us evaluate, design, build and maintain a Solar Power System for your home or business.
WE have a Solar Power System on our home and our business! So Should YOU!

Leitner Electric Company

Perry Leitner

Leitner Electric’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic
 Notice to our valued customers: As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to disrupt daily life, Leitner Electric wants to assure homeowners and business customers that we are taking steps to help our employees and customers stay safe and healthy.
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