Solar Energy


No natural resource is as abundant as the sun. By harnessing this resource, solar energy provides a sustainable, renewable, and clean source of energy.

It conserves natural resources by considerably reducing fossil fuel dependence and greenhouse gas emissions. LECWebpic4aaUsing solar energy, along with other renewable sources, is a sustainable solution to meeting the long-term energy requirements of a global society.

Did you know having solar panels will substantially increase the value of your home? Call Leitner Electric today at 513-351-9024 for a customized quote. We perform the following:

  • Solar Electric
  • Solar Hot Water
  • Solar Pool Heating
  • Solar Space Heating/Cooling
  • Solar Water Pumping
  • Energy System Consulting & Engineering
  • Energy Audit/Rating Service
  • and much, much more…   LEClogoweb1aaaaaNew1a.png

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